Written & Directed by MackShylo K. Turner
Produced & Co-Directed by Miles Lopez
Director of Photography – Angelo Clarizio
All shots are from the film UNINHIBITED, written & directed by MackShylo Turner, shot by Angelo Clarizio, and produced & co-directed by myself.

UNINHIBITED is a project close to my heart. It is a short film premiered at the Indie Night Film Festival. I was approached by a friend, Brenden Johnson, a few months back about producing a project that his best friend, MackSchylo Turner, was working on. After reading the script that Mack wrote, I knew I had to produce this short.

It was covering a subject I often thought about: the perfect imperfections in life and the unimaginable circumstances thrown at a person. Producing a project of this caliber had it’s challenges, but proved to be more than worth it.

I met some amazing people, and hope to be working with Mack and Brenden again soon. We’re silently building up a file of projects that are unlike anything ever seen before. So don’t sleep, and keep your eyes peeled for our next one.

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